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Climagy GmbH

Climagy GmbH has been developing, implementing and operating solar power plants in Germany since 2007 in order to counteract climate change with emission-free and environmentally friendly electricity. Climagy GmbH has numerous solar power plants, whose biodiversity promotes species protection in Germany. With the more than one hundred solar projects that Climagy and its partners have brought to fruition, the company is actively driving the energy revolution, paving the way for the phase-out of coal and the move towards an energy supply based on renewable resources.

Above Surveying

Above is the leading aerial inspection service provider transforming the solar industry with innovative software solutions. Specialising in the delivery of IEC-compliant aerial thermographic and ultra-high-definition inspections of utility scale solar alongside drone-based topographical mapping and 3D modelling.

First Solar

First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar systems using advanced module and system technology. Through determined innovation, the company delivers solar energy that is an economically attractive alternative to fossil-fuel sourced electricity. From module sales through turnkey power plant development and operations and maintenance, First Solar is a world-class partner for reliable, clean energy generation.

Jurchen Technology GmbH

Jurchen Technology specializes in the development and production of high-quality components for photovoltaic systems. We are the only provider on the market to offer a dual and innovative component solution for solar plants. This means that we manufacture both the substructure and the appropriate high-quality DC cabling.