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  • Solar Panels on Farms & Industrial
    Roof Systems

Powerful PV cells in farming

The use of solar energy in agriculture and other farming businesses has increased over the years for understandable reasons. Farms are in some places located in remote regions with limited or no access to municipal electricity, and therefore use of solar panels is a necessity. In other cases, the farmer may choose to go solar simply to provide alternatives or supplementation to town supplied power. In any case, farms are the ideal candidate for collecting energy from photovoltaic systems, and PADCON will help you to get the best out of your powerful solar panels.

Modern agriculture requires the use of many powered equipment and tools - pumps, irrigation, electric fencing, automated feeders, heating and lighting in barns, greenhouses and other structures. So producing electricity on the farm for private use can cut down power bills significantly.

Free areas on large barn roofs or on the land are ideal for setting up a PV system utilising the best solar panels affordable. And depending on the amount of area the farmer is willing to dedicate to solar panels, they might not only cut down their energy bills, they may also be able to create another income stream. Agrivoltaics - farming shade tolerant crops underneath PV panels - maximises usage of the space, optimises water usage and can extend the growing season. It is especially advantageous in regions prone to drought and intense heat with its potential to minimise water usage. Plus, growing crops underneath the panels can lower temperatures putting less strain on the panels

Solar Panels on Industrial Roof Systems

Another ideal space for solar panels is on industrial roof systems. Similar to agriculture, industrial buildings offer plenty of room for PV module installation. Warehouses and factories with large roofs offer the best space for solar panels. The electricity produced can then be used by the business or fed back into the grid for commerce.

No matter, if you use powerful solar panels on a farm or on an industrial roof system - PADCON will help you to get the most out of your PV cells by fighting PID.

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