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Increase the Return on Investments of Your Solar Plant

Investing in solar energy offers potentially high returns with low volatility for the clever investor.

The appetite for renewable energy increases and the costs involved in PV plant infrastructure decrease. Hence, investment in clean energy assets has become stable and sustainable. This is especially favoured by long term investors more so than short term traders.

Solar Power Plants as long term investments

Photovoltaic power plants or solar parks are a value-generating physical asset. But they are even more: as modern infrastructure, they are appealing to investors for their built in hedge against inflation.

As part of an investment portfolio, the PV plant carries very low risks, especially once it is installed and operational. The technology is fast growing, running expenses are usually rather predictable.

Moreover, contracts with energy buyers are long term, ensuring a good risk-return profile. On top of all this, it has also proven to be resilient through the recent economic downturn.

Recognising these positives, investment in renewables by institutional investors has increased and is predicted to continue to do so.

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Protect your solar power investments & maximize ROI

Potential Induced Degradation (PID) is one of the factors that can negatively impact your investment as it lowers the efficiency of the cells on your solar modules. Since producing electricity is the main revenue generating aspect of your investment, maximising that production is imperative.

With our PID killer solutions, you will actively protect your assets and / or restore the efficiency of your solar panels. Thus, PADCON will help you safeguard your valuable & sustainable investment in solar power.

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