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PADCON enters partnership with German solar specialist

PADCON enters partnership with German solar specialist

The companies PADCON GmbH and Climagy GmbH are entering into a strategic partnership to protect PV systems from PID and thus to secure long-term yields. In close cooperation, the two companies aim to equip new photovoltaic plants before commissioning and already existing plants subsequently with PADCON Float Controller in order to keep the efficiency of the plants at the highest level and to define new standards.

Kitzingen, Germany: PADCON GmbH, specialists in the development and implementation of anti-PID solutions (Potential Induced Degradation), have joined forces with Climagy GmbH, a German developer and operator of solar projects. The aim of the partnership is to increase once again the performance of degraded photovoltaic systems and to block the PID effect on new systems right from the very beginning. In this way, the yields and returns of the plants are optimized and kept constantly high. "If we take preventive action against the PID problem and protect the solar power plants before the module damage occurs, we increase their efficiency considerably and thus contribute fundamentally to the reduction of electricity generation costs", explains Constantin Wenzlik, Managing Director of PADCON GmbH.

Climagy GmbH develops, implements and operates climate-friendly solar power plants and has over 100 solar projects in Germany. With the start of the partnership, Float Controllers will be successively integrated into all existing assets in order to bring the modules already affected by PID back to their rated output. Furthermore, future solar projects will be equipped with the Float Controller technology as standard from the very beginning. "With PADCON, we are acquiring a partner who has built up expertise in this field over the years, and from which both of us will now benefit", says Günther Blank, project developer of Climagy. "Float controller technology guarantees us stable, high returns."

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