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Module protection to fight PID-effect and TCO-corrosion

Float Controller CI is designed for larger photovoltaic Power plants with system voltages from 1000V to 1500V and therefore it is the perfect solution for central or string inverters.

Operation mode: Day or night mode / Adjustable tresholds


  • Fast recovery of PID affected modules due large output current
  • Immediate PID/TCO protection
  • Easy installation/retrofitting
  • Suitable for PV systems up to 1500V
FC Power Source

FC Power Source

Outdoor power supply
supports up to 3(6) Float Controller SI or 1(2) Float Controller CI

Multi Connector - Power Plant Control

Multi Connector

 Enables intelligent usage of Float Controller for Multi MPPT inverter

FC Compact Station

FC Compact Station

Preconfigured and pre wired all-in-one-solution

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