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PADCON GmbH (a member of the HOCH.REIN Group) specializes in developing and implementing PID solutions. With the Float Controller product segment, the output of degraded PV systems is able to be restored to its former level. 

The cornerstone for the rapid and sustained growth of the company was laid with its foundation in 2007 as a manufacturer and developer of inverter stations. As early as 2008, PADCON put into operation the world's first inverter with an output of 2.5 MW. Based upon this know-how, PADCON developed products and solutions for solar power plants.

Through this and other milestones PADCON became a partner to many well-known EPCs, and by 2009 had realised projects with a total of 200 MW. In parallel, PADCON recognised the significant need to constant check and improve PV systems with regard to their function and profitability.

Since 2011 PADCON has continuously developed Anti-PID-Solutions (Potential Induced Degradation) in order to stop PID on PV systems simply and effectively, and to recover the affected modules successfully. Since 2013 PADCON has been offering intelligent solutions with the Float Controller family, which restore the output of degraded PV systems to its former level.

To date mainly active in Europe, PADCON has been further expanding its internationalisation activities since 2012, thus continuing its rigorous course of expansion. The official TÜV certificates underline the high quality standard of the PADCON product range and enable country-specific requirements to be fully met.

In December 2019 the PID Solutions / Float Controller product segment, along with the PADCON naming right was transferred to the HOCH.REIN Group, a medium-sized international holding company investing in the further developing of technologies of the worldwide PV market. By taking over the PID Solutions business line HOCH.REIN continues to expand its portfolio in the field of renewable energy. PADCON GmbH (Member of HOCH.REIN Group), in turn, gains access to a large international network and industry experts.

PADCON GmbH’s experience in installing over 3,000 anti-PID products has made it a market leader in this segment. The company stands worldwide for "Made in Germany", innovative solutions, and permanent, technological progress.

PADCON – Future technologies.