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  • 90 Day Yield Challenge

The Ultimate PADCON Float Controller: 90-Day Yield Challenge

At PADCON, we strive to continuously improve our products proactively. With our cutting-edge breakthrough, we guarantee a 3% increase in your PV yields within 90 days! Increase your solar panel efficiency and reap lasting results when you use PADCON Float Controller.

This modern solar technology is equipped with anti potential induced degradation (PID) solutions to help optimize your PV yield. See notable results in just 90 days! Escalate your ROI by using tried and tested brand only at PADCON.

Feel free to get in touch with us via email at +49 9321 2680 - 201 to get started with PADCON 90-day yield challenge NOW.

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We Will Refund If You Don't Win

Should the PV yield be less than 3% after 90 days, we will refund your money! To learn more about the terms of participation, click here.

We care about your satisfaction and we have full trust in the quality of our products. We guarantee to refund you the money if you are unhappy with your purchase. 

Try PADCON Float Controller: Increase Your PV Yields by 3%

Try PADCON Float Controller and see guaranteed premium results. Join the growing list of our happy clients and start reaping the 3% increase in PV yield when you use PADCON Float Controller.

Our reliable company ensures that you get the most for your investment. We help clients achieve the best results and trust that we will do the same to you.